Snapshot Day 2016 Timeline

Snapshot Day 2016 Timeline

Week of 9/26
Official Snapshot Day video release
Share this promotion video with staff to get ready!

Who's on First?
Who's the Snapshot Day point person at your library? How will you collect information and share your stories? Let us know so they can get direct updates!

Week of 10/3
What to Look For
The Snapshot Day reporting forms go live - see what we're looking for and get ready to collect your stories!
Think beyond the box - are there projects that need to be done, like ADA retrofitting? Who are the vital support staff at your libraries? What types of programs are you doing for the community? How are you getting out into the community, or how does your library fit into the larger school community? Get ready to tell us about it!

Vote for the official Snapshot Day mascot!
This election is all love!

Week of 10/10
Enaging patrons
Snapshot Day is a chance for patrons to share their stories and thoughts - consider ways to engage with them!
We'll have printable comment cards, tally sheets, printable signs and more to help make Snapshot Day a hit with your community!

Drop-in Teams
We'll have teams dropping into libraries across the state - let us know if you want a visit!

Spotlight examples
What were libraries doing last year? See academic, public and school library examples that show all Snapshot Day can be!

Week of 10/17
Last minute details!
Get everything ready! Make sure you have pens, comment sheets, and staff ready to go on Tuesday, October 18!


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